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Specially-Designed Pillowcase Protects Against Sleep Injuries

The Beer Co., LLC announced today the availability of the new Pillowcase Plus™, the first-of-its-kind pillow case that is constructed with soft accessory cushions on each side. When sleepers rest their wrist/hand on a side cushion it helps prevent elbow hyperextension (going past the point the joint is intended to function without pain or damage), a shortcoming in the human anatomy in the common sleeping position. The elbows only bend sideways to a limited extent before stressing not just the elbow, but potentially the whole arm, including the shoulder all the way down to the hand and wrist. This can cause pain, soreness and stiffness in those areas that sometimes continues on through the day. The Pillow Case Plus™ is a patent-pending therapist-engineered solution which is so effective that many users don’t want to sleep with a regular pillow again.

According to ProperPillow.com, it’s common to suffer elbow injuries by sleeping incorrectly at night, potentially leading to a chronic condition.

"The Pillow Case Plus™ encases the user’s own pillow, adding two side cushions to form cozy channels to rest the hand/wrist at the most comfortable elevation - on top of the luxurious perfectly-sized pads or nestled inside the soft channels." This helps prevent elbow hyperextension and associated pain and soreness, which frequently occur when lying on one’s side. Most people tend to sleep with their arms up around their pillow, but with the Pillow Case Plus™ adopting a more comfortable, potentially safer position which minimizes pain and numbness from nerve compression is seamless.

“Everyone knows how important a good night’s rest is to your daily mood. The Pillow Case Plus™ can greatly facilitate this goal, as well as function to expand your typical standard size pillow to king size, even giving your sleeping companion, such as a small child or favorite pet, a little more room and comfort,” said inventor, Victor Beer. Based in Los Angeles, California,  Beer states that the company’s mission is to maximize the time that we experience restful sleep so we can approach the next day with a positive, fresh perspective and function at our peak capacity.

For more information, contact Victor Beer at (888) 70COMFY (702-6639).

Email: info@DreamyComfy.com; Website: www.DreamyComfy.com

Contact: Victor Beer

11601 Wilshire Bl., Ste. 500

Los Angeles, CA 90025

Phone: (888) 70COMFY (702-6639)

E-Mail: info@DreamyComfy.com

Source: The Beer Co., LLC

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