Personalized Video Invitations and Announcements From Tech Treats LLC Recreate Special Events

Highly customized videos can make special events stand out like never before.

Tech Treats LLC is pleased to announce its new line of personalized video products for consumers. Now, consumers with no technical know-how can get high-quality, customized video invitations and announcements to make special events just a little more special.

There are a variety of video formats from which to choose, including:

2D animation


Motion graphics


"Breaking News" segments

Virtually any special event can be made even more special by announcing it with a video, as opposed to a static picture ("You're Invited!"). Some examples of special events that video announcements would make more memorable include, but are not limited to, the following:

Birthday parties


Birth announcements

Baby's gender reveal

Baby and wedding showers


College acceptances

Holiday greetings

Valentine's Day

Commemorative occasions

While the video lengths are pre-populated at TechTreats.Shop, customization is key. Those wanting longer videos, or even videos within videos, will also have these specific needs met with a simple, no-obligation consultation.

Submitting photos, video theme and script are all that is needed. Tech Treats will do the rest and deliver a high-quality mp4 file for download.

As always, Tech Treats will donate a portion of the profits to charity.

"Special events just became a little more special with personalized video invitations and announcements," says A.M. Hester, CEO of Tech Treats LLC.

Source: Tech Treats LLC


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