Business Bonanza Befits Benevolence From Tech Treats LLC

In the spirit of giving, Tech Treats is launching a low-cost, high-value business branding package with a large giveaway to charity.

Tech Treats LLC is proud to announce its 2018 holiday season branding package. In addition to providing a tremendous offering for businesses on a budget, Tech Treats is giving away $50 from each order to charity or allowing the business owners to make the donations themselves and then receive a coupon code for a discount on the branding package simply by sending a copy of the giving receipt. Naturally, business owners should remove all personal identifying/payment information from the receipt other than the name, the name of the charity they supported and the amount paid.

This special offer includes any five of the following:

Whiteboard video - 20-second whiteboard branding video

Press release - Announce the business or bring attention to a new product. Even include video.

E-mail marketing campaign - Includes a campaign to deliver the message (150 words or less) directly into the inboxes of 20 editors of major publications. Verification available upon request.

Create an app - Create a mobile app using an Apps I Like 2.0 template ( Just copy and paste to customize the app. Offer includes one year of service. Free tech support. Many templates from which to choose.

Social media automation - One year standard access to Guru.Social 

Social media site setup - Includes setup of one social media site

Social media banner - Includes a custom social media banner for one site

Social media content - Includes one article (300-400 words) on the topic of choice 

Logo design - Includes three variants to test the response to various logos

Logo animation - Includes three variants of the logo

Website hosting - Includes one year of website hosting and basic (.com/.net) domain registration (website creation not included)

One can mix and match to create the perfect package that meets the needs of the business and choose five different services or choose five variations of the same service.  

As noted, $50 from each sale will be donated to charity OR clients can email a formal giving receipt from the charity for a discount code equal to the donation. (If less than $50, Tech Treats LLC will donate the difference to charity.)  E-mail receipts to Contact@TechTreats.Solutions.

"When God blesses us, we should be a blessing to others and we should always be mindful of those in need as we go about our everyday lives," says A.M. Hester, CEO of Tech Treats LLC.

Source: Tech Treats LLC


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